Indian Wedding Dresses for The Beautiful Bride

Indian Wedding DressesLike Indian wedding traditions and culture there are many types of Indian wedding dresses that brides can choose for their dream wedding. Some are bright and colorful while others are sober yet stunning. Every girl dreams of her wedding since childhood and she deserves to look like a princess on the big day.

Planning for That Perfect Indian Wedding Dresses

One has to start planning for the outfit at least six to eight months prior to the wedding. Getting things ready, alteration and fittings will take time, because no bride would want to do last minute shopping. In some Indian wedding tradition a bride has to wear a traditional sari with jari embroidery, while in others, one has to wear a lehenga. It’s all about keeping the tradition alive. If you are having a traditional wedding then you can choose an outfit that goes with the kind of wedding you are about to have.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to wear. Then you can plan the rest of the things accordingly. You should keep in mind the season, like something bright and colorful during spring and something little sober during the winters. If you have chosen or decided on a theme, then the best thing to do is follow that theme and select your dress and colors complementing that theme. The theme is important, but you need not to follow the theme blindly in your dress, rather try some experimentation by adding a few of your own touches to make this a fun and enjoyable activity in your wedding planning.

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses the bride has to have at least two to three dresses for the pre-wedding ceremonies. You can get all of them from one designer or separate vendors or boutique shops. You can experiment with different cuts and designs (e.g., Deep cut, spaghetti strap, even side slit and backless) and make the most of it. It’s best to try something totally opposite in color and design during the pre-wedding ceremonies, as you will feel more relaxed on your entire outfit.

Color, Cut and Materials of Indian Wedding Dresses

Red is the traditional color for Indian wedding dresses in Hindus. Nowadays the trend has slowly shifted you will find different shades of purple, blue, green, or maroon during the ceremony. No matter what outfit or color you choose you must be comfortable and feel beautiful in it.

Shimmer, georgette and net and silk are the most popular materials used to make the wedding dress. As per the designs it can be anything you want. Nowadays Swarovski crystals are the most popular things used for the designs. As for the cut lacha, lehenga and fish cuts are the most popular cuts worn during the wedding day.

The price of Indian wedding dresses for brides depends upon the designer you choose, the material and type of dress you choose, and the intricate design work done on the dress. A traditional lahenga with Swarovski work will cost you somewhere several thousand dollars and more. So start shopping early for best deals on your perfect Indian wedding dresses.

Looking for Some Ideas for That Perfect Indian Wedding Gifts

Indian Wedding GiftsWedding gifts have a special meaning to it, and Indian wedding gifts are something that reflects the rich cultural heritage. In India it’s said that it’s not the gift that matters it’s the intention and feeling of the giver that matters.  A wedding gift can be received as wedding favor and given as gift.

From simple bouquet of flowers to gold and diamond jewelry you can give anything that suites your taste and budget. Different guests give different types of gifts, like the blood relatives usually give jewelry as a wedding gift for the brides and for the groom it can be anything expensive. Silver is something that most of the distant relatives prefer to give it can be anything like silver coin, lamps to silver plates and idols of gods. Close relatives mostly prefer to give gold jewelry instead of silver.

Popular Indian Wedding Gifts

Some of the most popular traditional Indian wedding gifts are coins made out of precious metals like gold and silver. There are 10 gram coins as well as 100 gram coins and one can engrave the bride and grooms name or date of the wedding, making it a personalized wedding gift. Traditionally it was the idol of gods and goddesses printed on to the coin.

For the budget minded, when it comes to buying Indian wedding gifts for bride, a popular choice is cloths. Traditionally it used to be sari that was gifted but now a day’s people give all kinds of cloths, something the bride loves and can be worn after the marriage.

Other popular wedding gifts are couples watches. You will not have to worry that you just gifted something to the groom and not to the bride. A couple’s watch is perfect during such a dilemma. Perfumes are good wedding gifts too, if you know the taste of the couple then you can gift them perfumes too.

If you are looking for traditional Indian wedding gifts then you can get show pieces that represent Indian culture. It will be something that will remind the couple about Indian tradition and you. Show pieces can be anything from miniature versions of famous Indian monuments to tribal handicrafts.

Simplifying The Job of Selecting The Best Indian Wedding Gifts

Nowadays, most couples sign up for the Gift Registry at popular bog box stores, like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor. In such a case your work is reduced even more, as all you have to do is select and buy the gifts from the list that the couples have already selected. So, take advantage of the gift registry for the best Indian wedding gifts for the newlyweds.

Chicago Wedding Venue – Finding That Perfect Place

Looking for an Exclusive Chicago Wedding Venue?

Stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing are some of the things you would say after seeing some of the  Chicago wedding venue. This windy city has a lot to offer when it comes to wedding venues from luxury hotels to resorts and clubs you can get whatever you want.

Chicago Wedding Venue

Things to Consider Before Booking the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue

There are many places to choose from, but at first you need to plan everything. You have to decide which type of venue you want. Then you can start looking for places similar to that. Planning in advance helps because you will not be stuck in a place where you never wanted to get married.

Secondly you must think about the accessibility of the place. Whether the place is near to your home or where the guests staying etc. Thirdly the size, which does matter in case of Chicago wedding venue because it has to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Finally the type of wedding you are going to have and the theme. If it’s a day wedding then outdoors are perfect, and banquet halls are great for a night wedding.

Chicago Wedding Venue For Every Taste

There are many wedding venues that will suite your requirements. From banquet halls to lake front resorts and theaters there is a venue for every taste and style. There are amazing mansions at Chicago land area, Winnetka and Alsip which can be perfect for all the wedding festivities. There are some amazing golf clubs and exclusive country clubs at Orland Park, Wheaton and Tinley Park, Bolingbrook etc. There are beautiful banquet halls at Glen Ellyn, Killdeer and Deerfield too. If you looking for a perfect Chicago wedding venue in the city downtown area, there are so many options from luxury hotels to libraries & museums, or special event space, like Navy Pier with spectacular view of Chicago skyline or lake Michigan.

As for wedding reception venues there are some good Indian restaurants with banquet halls as well that can host the reception. Thus you will get a great venue as well as authentic Indian food.

The budget is very important. If you do not want to spend a fortune just on the venue then there are small wedding venues and they are affordable ones too, yet classy. Some park districts also have excellent wedding venues, like the Villa Olivia in Bartlett. It’s the ceremony that matters, not the size of the venue. As a matter of fact there are some great small and mid size budget banquet halls for Chicago wedding venue, which can be perfect for the wedding and any other receptions.



All About Bengali Wedding

Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding is an extravagant event. Traditionally the festivities lasted for two days but now the rituals are cut short. Like all Indian weddings it’s not just the union of two people, it’s the union of two families.

Indian wedding traditions are very different when seen according to communities. The traditions followed by south Indians are totally different to that followed by north Indians. But they are similar in one term and that is the union. Everyone believes in the fact that it’s not just the bride and the groom who becomes one. It’s the bond of the entire family.

The Essence of Bengali Wedding

Adan Pradan – It’s the first ritual that involves in a Bengali wedding is checking the gotra, which means ancestral lineage of the bride and the groom. It’s done by the priest in presence of both the families.

Engagement or Ashirbaad – It’s the beginning of any wedding. It’s like a promise given by both, the bride and the groom that they will be together for the rest of their lives. The time period between the engagement and the marriage can be a month or a year. It depends upon the date fixed.

Prayers and Dodhi Mangal – When it comes to Bengali wedding rituals it starts a day before the actual wedding, with prayers offered in temples. On the day of the marriage early in the morning prayers are offered at both the houses of the bride and the groom. There is a ritual called dodhi mangal where the relatives of both bride and the groom invite Goddess Ganga for the wedding. Actually, they fetch the holy water and bring it back home, to bathe the bride and groom. Not everyone can get the holy water, so it’s a ritual that can be performed by taking water of any good river.

Gae Halud – This ritual takes place after dodhi mangal. This rituals is practiced i most of the Indian wedding styes, not just Bengali wedding. Traditionally the halud or turmeric had to come from the groom’s place. Along with a fish, yogurt, sweets and gifts, these gifts are known as tattva. Similarly gifts are sent to the groom’s place too.

Sankha Porana – Conch shell bangles are known as sankha. It’s a mark of a married woman, when it is worn the priest chants sacred verses for a long lasting relationship.

Borjatri – Later according to the time given by the priest, the groom and his family has to come to the girls place to get married. Nowadays both the parties come to the venue.

Sindur Daan to Bou Boron – Then the priest chants mantras from the holey text and it’s followed by hawan, puja, phera and finally sindur daan. It’s there in every Hindu wedding; the sindur is the mark of a married woman. After all this is done the dinner is served. Then comes bidaai when the bride goes to the grooms place, but the festivities doesn’t end there. There is bou boron which is the welcoming ceremony of the bride at her new home. There are some rituals done in a Bengali wedding at the grooms place as a welcome gesture to the new bride.

Kaal Ratri – On the first night of their wedding the newlyweds are not allowed to be together. Usually both are accompanied by their friends or family member and engaged in fulfilled activities.

Bou Bhaat & Phool Sojja– It takes place on the next day, during this ceremony the bride will serve food for the first time to her in-laws and their close friends. Now it has become like a reception where the bride’s family and friends also join for the feast. Phool Sojja is the evening reception and the first night that couple is officially allowed to sleep in the bed room with beautifully decorated bed with flowers (phool).

One thing that is very important is the muhurat or the time. In which every ritual has to take place. It’s believed that the planetary moves affect the newlyweds, thus it’s considered as an important thing during every big occasion.

Planning for the Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding involves a lot of work a whole lot of sleepless nights on planning. Which is very essential, a well planned event is always the one that outshines. As far as planning is concerned the bride starts planning much ahead before everyone else because her dresses are very important. In a typical Bengali wedding the bride requires to wear a sari but that’s up to the bride if she wants to wear a lehenga she can wear that too. The traditional Indian wedding dress is sari but the style of wearing depends upon what the bride wants. So, when it comes to sari you need not fly to India to buy one. There are many designers and stores in almost every part of the world that sells the traditional wear. So, you can buy one from anywhere you want. 

As per the color of the bridal outfit, traditionally it was a red. One with lots of embroidery and work on it, but now the trend is slowly changing. The popular colors chosen by the brides are pink, purple, green and blue. In case of designer ones you can give your ideas and the designer will create it for you. As per the material usually its banarasi silk but you can buy one in silk, georgette etc.

As for the outfit of the groom in a traditional Bengali wedding is basically dhoti and panjabi (aka kurta) but now that is changing too most grooms prefer sherwani. As long as the bride and the groom are comfortable in their attire and they look good together nothing else matters.

Hair and Makeup

When it comes to getting the Bengali bride ready, you can hire a makeup artist and hair stylist who will do the hair and makeup. As for draping the sari in a traditional Bengali way, it’s best to leave that to the older female relatives because they will know it the best. There are beauticians who can do it too.

Bengali wedding is not just about the rituals and dresses. It’s about having a great time together and having great food too. As per the food if you want you can have all authentic Bengali food or you can include dishes from other countries too. The caterer has to be arranged well in advance. So has to be the venue because memories are going to be connected to the place so you should get what you have always wanted for your dream Bengali wedding.

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Indian Wedding Favors Ideas

Indian Wedding Favors Indian wedding favors are return gifts for your guests who have attended the wedding. It has been a long lived tradition of giving return gifts to the guests, like clothes to close relatives and friends etc. Well, time has changed and so has Indian wedding favors ideas

Wedding favors are souvenirs something to remind everyone about the wedding. When it comes to buying Indian wedding favors you can always opt for things that reflect the vibrant Indian culture. The one thing you need to consider before finalizing the wedding favor is the guest. You might want to buy different gifts for different guests. Like you can buy something similar like dresses or jewelry to all your relatives and something else to all the other guests.

Popular Indian Wedding Favors

You can buy anything you want as long as it matches your taste and expectations. In case you want to buy something traditional, something that strongly represents your culture, a small idol of Lord Ganesha or Ganesh and Lakshmi together will be perfect. You can get a puja thali which can be used by your guests for all the rituals. Diya is considered to be pure and holy and it’s used for every major occasion and you can get one in brass, silver as well as gold.

For Islamic wedding, Kaaba shaped box that holds the holly Quran is a great gift idea. Religious messages in a decorated frame are also very popular Islamic wedding favors.

Personalized Indian Wedding Favors

Nowadays personalized wedding favors are popular too. Most of the items are reasonable; it can be anything with the name or photo of the bride and the groom, or their date of marriage. From dinner sets to a simple cup or a photo frame you can get everything personalized. You can also combine few things that the bride and groom like and make it like a hamper.

A wedding favor is like saying thank you with a gift. It is something that should reflect the style and liking of the couple. So, you should buy something unique and different. Usability is very important, if you give something that cannot be used by your guests then that would be a waste of money. So, try to buy something that they will use. As per the budget it’s your choice, but you need to decide that first then you can carry on with the shopping for Indian wedding favors.

Indian Wedding Planning – Start Early for Your Dream Wedding

Indian Wedding Planning

Indian wedding planning starts months ahead of the ceremony, because wedding planning takes lot of time in planning and preparation to make it a memorable event of one’s life for this auspicious occasion. In Indian culture it’s not just the union of two souls, it’s the beginning of a journey for the two families too. Thus it’s the mark of mutual respect and reputation. For Indian wedding planning you can hire an Indian wedding planner who will take care of the ceremony just like a family member would do.

Wedding Cards – Your Indian Wedding Planning Starts Here

Wedding cards selection is one of the first thing on the checklist. Like the Indian weddings, Indian wedding cards are bright and colorful too. There are many choices for wedding cards from traditional themes to scroll invitation with exquisite designs.  You have to start sending them months before the event or else it won’t reach everyone on time. You can talk about it to your planner, they will show you the samples and you can customize it according to your choice.

Set a Budget Early on Your Indian Wedding Planning

The most important thing during Indian wedding planning process is set your budget. Once set, everything else can be done keeping the budget in mind. The wedding budget depends upon you and how much are you willing to spend. You can have a multimillion dollar wedding, or a plain and simple traditional wedding costing few thousands. No matter what the budget is, the main aim of the planner will be to make it the best day for the couple and their families. More or less a traditional wedding will cost you somewhere from $2000-$10,000 for a budget wedding to around $25,000-$75,000 and more for a large guest list in exquisite reception venues, with decorations, and live entertainments.

 Indian Wedding Venues

Then comes the venue which has to be booked months in advance because once the season starts it becomes harder to get the popular venues. After venue, you will have to think of a theme of your wedding if you really make it memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your families. From the main stage or mandap to the dinner tables, even the chair back covers – everything has to be coordinated and match the theme you choose. A theme can be vibrant and colorful as well as sober yet stunning. All you need to do is choose one from an array of themes shown to you by your wedding planner. That is why it is so important to select a creative wedding planner and wedding vendors for your special day.

Wedding Entertainment and Food

Music is an integral part of Indian culture and an Indian wedding cannot be considered to be complete unless there is a good song playing. From traditional numbers to latest chartbusters you can get everything. If you want to have a DJ or a karaoke machine you can get that too. There are a number of DJs who specializes in Bollywood music and East-West fusion entertainments.

Another major part of Indian wedding planning is the food from traditional Indian thalis to Italian and Mexican, the menu has to be as good as the venue. You can select a caterer who specializes on western dishes, but nowadays lots of Indian restaurants are offering a fusion menu, where you can select an array of favorite traditional Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu as well as Italian, French or Mexican menu. Basically, you can get whatever you want – all you need to do is specify your likings and you will get exactly that. Wedding Cakes are really popular these days, so you can get one in the favorite flavor with nice decorations for the newlyweds.

The Indian wedding celebrations starts months ahead and the wedding lasts for hours, but the memory lasts a lifetime. Thus having a dream wedding is what every bride and groom wants, so start your Indian wedding planning early for the big day!

Exciting Indian Wedding Themes for Your Big Day

Indian Wedding ThemesWhen it comes to Indian Wedding Themes all you need to think about is the liking of the lovely couple and something to embrace and show the colors of Indian rich culture. Something you would like to have in your wedding that will bring a piece of that vibrant country. This thought is enough to trigger various Indian wedding themes to your mind.

Indian weddings are known to be exotic, vibrant, colorful and surely enjoyable. So, unless you decide to go with a black and white theme you can always have a wide array of colors which bringing us to our first theme:

Rainbow of colors Indian Wedding Themes

The vibrant Indian wedding colors can be best exposed in this theme. All you have to do is add a splash of color to everything from dresses to decor and food. It’s like an anti black and white theme, where everything will be colorful right from the pre wedding festivities to the bidaai. In case of an outdoor or day wedding, you can have colorful tents and at night the place can be lit with bright colorful lights.

Peacock Indian Wedding Themes

The colorful Peacock has been a part of Indian culture for centuries. So, what’s better than capturing the beauty of this vibrant bird in your wedding? Starting from your wedding card, you can get peacock printed on your tableware and decorate the mandap. It’s a very popular design on bridal dresses too. If you want, you can even ask your organizers to bring one bird for real. If not then its colors would be everywhere, so you won’t miss it.

Bollywood Indian Wedding Themes

How can one forget those golden days of dancing around the trees and old time classic numbers? Nowadays people bring Bollywood to your backyard, “if your venue is your backyard, that is”. From posters of classic movies to dancing in the rhythm with the latest hits you can get every bit of Bollywood in your wedding. From tables named after movies to guests dressed as famous Bollywood couples, it will be a fun theme for all the Bollywood fans out there. Just use your imagination!

There are many other themes like first date, dream or fairy tale, garden theme, medieval theme every theme can be made exciting and colorful according to your choice. Flower is the major part of the décor in any Indian wedding themes, but one can use anything from cloths to glass pieces to make the venue elegant and beautiful for the big day.

When it comes to Indian wedding themes, it depends upon the couples, what they want. If you want each and every ritual exactly like that of your parents and grandparents used to practice, then you can get that too. If you want follow just the essential rituals, then your planners can arrange that too. The budget is very important so the theme must try to stick within the budget.

Indian weddings are events that last for days it begins from sangeet, mahendi to the main marriage, and bidaai. Thus there can be different Indian wedding themes on different events.