Chicago Wedding Venue – Finding That Perfect Place

Looking for an Exclusive Chicago Wedding Venue?

Stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing are some of the things you would say after seeing some of the  Chicago wedding venue. This windy city has a lot to offer when it comes to wedding venues from luxury hotels to resorts and clubs you can get whatever you want.

Chicago Wedding Venue

Things to Consider Before Booking the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue

There are many places to choose from, but at first you need to plan everything. You have to decide which type of venue you want. Then you can start looking for places similar to that. Planning in advance helps because you will not be stuck in a place where you never wanted to get married.

Secondly you must think about the accessibility of the place. Whether the place is near to your home or where the guests staying etc. Thirdly the size, which does matter in case of Chicago wedding venue because it has to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Finally the type of wedding you are going to have and the theme. If it’s a day wedding then outdoors are perfect, and banquet halls are great for a night wedding.

Chicago Wedding Venue For Every Taste

There are many wedding venues that will suite your requirements. From banquet halls to lake front resorts and theaters there is a venue for every taste and style. There are amazing mansions at Chicago land area, Winnetka and Alsip which can be perfect for all the wedding festivities. There are some amazing golf clubs and exclusive country clubs at Orland Park, Wheaton and Tinley Park, Bolingbrook etc. There are beautiful banquet halls at Glen Ellyn, Killdeer and Deerfield too. If you looking for a perfect Chicago wedding venue in the city downtown area, there are so many options from luxury hotels to libraries & museums, or special event space, like Navy Pier with spectacular view of Chicago skyline or lake Michigan.

As for wedding reception venues there are some good Indian restaurants with banquet halls as well that can host the reception. Thus you will get a great venue as well as authentic Indian food.

The budget is very important. If you do not want to spend a fortune just on the venue then there are small wedding venues and they are affordable ones too, yet classy. Some park districts also have excellent wedding venues, like the Villa Olivia in Bartlett. It’s the ceremony that matters, not the size of the venue. As a matter of fact there are some great small and mid size budget banquet halls for Chicago wedding venue, which can be perfect for the wedding and any other receptions.



Indian Wedding Planning – Start Early for Your Dream Wedding

Indian Wedding Planning

Indian wedding planning starts months ahead of the ceremony, because wedding planning takes lot of time in planning and preparation to make it a memorable event of one’s life for this auspicious occasion. In Indian culture it’s not just the union of two souls, it’s the beginning of a journey for the two families too. Thus it’s the mark of mutual respect and reputation. For Indian wedding planning you can hire an Indian wedding planner who will take care of the ceremony just like a family member would do.

Wedding Cards – Your Indian Wedding Planning Starts Here

Wedding cards selection is one of the first thing on the checklist. Like the Indian weddings, Indian wedding cards are bright and colorful too. There are many choices for wedding cards from traditional themes to scroll invitation with exquisite designs.  You have to start sending them months before the event or else it won’t reach everyone on time. You can talk about it to your planner, they will show you the samples and you can customize it according to your choice.

Set a Budget Early on Your Indian Wedding Planning

The most important thing during Indian wedding planning process is set your budget. Once set, everything else can be done keeping the budget in mind. The wedding budget depends upon you and how much are you willing to spend. You can have a multimillion dollar wedding, or a plain and simple traditional wedding costing few thousands. No matter what the budget is, the main aim of the planner will be to make it the best day for the couple and their families. More or less a traditional wedding will cost you somewhere from $2000-$10,000 for a budget wedding to around $25,000-$75,000 and more for a large guest list in exquisite reception venues, with decorations, and live entertainments.

 Indian Wedding Venues

Then comes the venue which has to be booked months in advance because once the season starts it becomes harder to get the popular venues. After venue, you will have to think of a theme of your wedding if you really make it memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your families. From the main stage or mandap to the dinner tables, even the chair back covers – everything has to be coordinated and match the theme you choose. A theme can be vibrant and colorful as well as sober yet stunning. All you need to do is choose one from an array of themes shown to you by your wedding planner. That is why it is so important to select a creative wedding planner and wedding vendors for your special day.

Wedding Entertainment and Food

Music is an integral part of Indian culture and an Indian wedding cannot be considered to be complete unless there is a good song playing. From traditional numbers to latest chartbusters you can get everything. If you want to have a DJ or a karaoke machine you can get that too. There are a number of DJs who specializes in Bollywood music and East-West fusion entertainments.

Another major part of Indian wedding planning is the food from traditional Indian thalis to Italian and Mexican, the menu has to be as good as the venue. You can select a caterer who specializes on western dishes, but nowadays lots of Indian restaurants are offering a fusion menu, where you can select an array of favorite traditional Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu as well as Italian, French or Mexican menu. Basically, you can get whatever you want – all you need to do is specify your likings and you will get exactly that. Wedding Cakes are really popular these days, so you can get one in the favorite flavor with nice decorations for the newlyweds.

The Indian wedding celebrations starts months ahead and the wedding lasts for hours, but the memory lasts a lifetime. Thus having a dream wedding is what every bride and groom wants, so start your Indian wedding planning early for the big day!