Chicago Wedding Venue – Finding That Perfect Place

Looking for an Exclusive Chicago Wedding Venue?

Stunning, beautiful, mesmerizing are some of the things you would say after seeing some of the  Chicago wedding venue. This windy city has a lot to offer when it comes to wedding venues from luxury hotels to resorts and clubs you can get whatever you want.

Chicago Wedding Venue

Things to Consider Before Booking the Perfect Chicago Wedding Venue

There are many places to choose from, but at first you need to plan everything. You have to decide which type of venue you want. Then you can start looking for places similar to that. Planning in advance helps because you will not be stuck in a place where you never wanted to get married.

Secondly you must think about the accessibility of the place. Whether the place is near to your home or where the guests staying etc. Thirdly the size, which does matter in case of Chicago wedding venue because it has to accommodate all your guests comfortably. Finally the type of wedding you are going to have and the theme. If it’s a day wedding then outdoors are perfect, and banquet halls are great for a night wedding.

Chicago Wedding Venue For Every Taste

There are many wedding venues that will suite your requirements. From banquet halls to lake front resorts and theaters there is a venue for every taste and style. There are amazing mansions at Chicago land area, Winnetka and Alsip which can be perfect for all the wedding festivities. There are some amazing golf clubs and exclusive country clubs at Orland Park, Wheaton and Tinley Park, Bolingbrook etc. There are beautiful banquet halls at Glen Ellyn, Killdeer and Deerfield too. If you looking for a perfect Chicago wedding venue in the city downtown area, there are so many options from luxury hotels to libraries & museums, or special event space, like Navy Pier with spectacular view of Chicago skyline or lake Michigan.

As for wedding reception venues there are some good Indian restaurants with banquet halls as well that can host the reception. Thus you will get a great venue as well as authentic Indian food.

The budget is very important. If you do not want to spend a fortune just on the venue then there are small wedding venues and they are affordable ones too, yet classy. Some park districts also have excellent wedding venues, like the Villa Olivia in Bartlett. It’s the ceremony that matters, not the size of the venue. As a matter of fact there are some great small and mid size budget banquet halls for Chicago wedding venue, which can be perfect for the wedding and any other receptions.



Exciting Indian Wedding Themes for Your Big Day

Indian Wedding ThemesWhen it comes to Indian Wedding Themes all you need to think about is the liking of the lovely couple and something to embrace and show the colors of Indian rich culture. Something you would like to have in your wedding that will bring a piece of that vibrant country. This thought is enough to trigger various Indian wedding themes to your mind.

Indian weddings are known to be exotic, vibrant, colorful and surely enjoyable. So, unless you decide to go with a black and white theme you can always have a wide array of colors which bringing us to our first theme:

Rainbow of colors Indian Wedding Themes

The vibrant Indian wedding colors can be best exposed in this theme. All you have to do is add a splash of color to everything from dresses to decor and food. It’s like an anti black and white theme, where everything will be colorful right from the pre wedding festivities to the bidaai. In case of an outdoor or day wedding, you can have colorful tents and at night the place can be lit with bright colorful lights.

Peacock Indian Wedding Themes

The colorful Peacock has been a part of Indian culture for centuries. So, what’s better than capturing the beauty of this vibrant bird in your wedding? Starting from your wedding card, you can get peacock printed on your tableware and decorate the mandap. It’s a very popular design on bridal dresses too. If you want, you can even ask your organizers to bring one bird for real. If not then its colors would be everywhere, so you won’t miss it.

Bollywood Indian Wedding Themes

How can one forget those golden days of dancing around the trees and old time classic numbers? Nowadays people bring Bollywood to your backyard, “if your venue is your backyard, that is”. From posters of classic movies to dancing in the rhythm with the latest hits you can get every bit of Bollywood in your wedding. From tables named after movies to guests dressed as famous Bollywood couples, it will be a fun theme for all the Bollywood fans out there. Just use your imagination!

There are many other themes like first date, dream or fairy tale, garden theme, medieval theme every theme can be made exciting and colorful according to your choice. Flower is the major part of the décor in any Indian wedding themes, but one can use anything from cloths to glass pieces to make the venue elegant and beautiful for the big day.

When it comes to Indian wedding themes, it depends upon the couples, what they want. If you want each and every ritual exactly like that of your parents and grandparents used to practice, then you can get that too. If you want follow just the essential rituals, then your planners can arrange that too. The budget is very important so the theme must try to stick within the budget.

Indian weddings are events that last for days it begins from sangeet, mahendi to the main marriage, and bidaai. Thus there can be different Indian wedding themes on different events.