Indian Wedding Dresses for The Beautiful Bride

Like Indian wedding traditions and culture there are many types of Indian wedding dresses that brides can choose for their dream wedding. Some are bright and colorful while others are sober yet stunning. Every girl dreams of her wedding since childhood and she deserves to look like a princess on the big day.

Planning for That Perfect Indian Wedding Dresses

One has to start planning for the outfit at least six to eight months prior to the wedding. Getting things ready, alteration and fittings will take time, because no bride would want to do last minute shopping. In some Indian wedding tradition a bride has to wear a traditional sari with jari embroidery, while in others, one has to wear a lehenga. It’s all about keeping the tradition alive. If you are having a traditional wedding then you can choose an outfit that goes with the kind of wedding you are about to have.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to wear. Then you can plan the rest of the things accordingly. You should keep in mind the season, like something bright and colorful during spring and something little sober during the winters. If you have chosen or decided on a theme, then the best thing to do is follow that theme and select your dress and colors complementing that theme. The theme is important, but you need not to follow the theme blindly in your dress, rather try some experimentation by adding a few of your own touches to make this a fun and enjoyable activity in your wedding planning.

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses the bride has to have at least two to three dresses for the pre-wedding ceremonies. You can get all of them from one designer or separate vendors or boutique shops. You can experiment with different cuts and designs (e.g., Deep cut, spaghetti strap, even side slit and backless) and make the most of it. It’s best to try something totally opposite in color and design during the pre-wedding ceremonies, as you will feel more relaxed on your entire outfit.

Color, Cut and Materials of Indian Wedding Dresses

Red is the traditional color for Indian wedding dresses in Hindus. Nowadays the trend has slowly shifted you will find different shades of purple, blue, green, or maroon during the ceremony. No matter what outfit or color you choose you must be comfortable and feel beautiful in it.

Shimmer, georgette and net and silk are the most popular materials used to make the wedding dress. As per the designs it can be anything you want. Nowadays Swarovski crystals are the most popular things used for the designs. As for the cut lacha, lehenga and fish cuts are the most popular cuts worn during the wedding day.

The price of Indian wedding dresses for brides depends upon the designer you choose, the material and type of dress you choose, and the intricate design work done on the dress. A traditional lahenga with Swarovski work will cost you somewhere several thousand dollars and more. So start shopping early for best deals on your perfect Indian wedding dresses.


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