Indian Wedding Favors Ideas

Indian wedding favors are return gifts for your guests who have attended the wedding. It has been a long lived tradition of giving return gifts to the guests, like clothes to close relatives and friends etc. Well, time has changed and so has Indian wedding favors ideas

Wedding favors are souvenirs something to remind everyone about the wedding. When it comes to buying Indian wedding favors you can always opt for things that reflect the vibrant Indian culture. The one thing you need to consider before finalizing the wedding favor is the guest. You might want to buy different gifts for different guests. Like you can buy something similar like dresses or jewelry to all your relatives and something else to all the other guests.

Popular Indian Wedding Favors

You can buy anything you want as long as it matches your taste and expectations. In case you want to buy something traditional, something that strongly represents your culture, a small idol of Lord Ganesha or Ganesh and Lakshmi together will be perfect. You can get a puja thali which can be used by your guests for all the rituals. Diya is considered to be pure and holy and it’s used for every major occasion and you can get one in brass, silver as well as gold.

For Islamic wedding, Kaaba shaped box that holds the holly Quran is a great gift idea. Religious messages in a decorated frame are also very popular Islamic wedding favors.

Personalized Indian Wedding Favors

Nowadays personalized wedding favors are popular too. Most of the items are reasonable; it can be anything with the name or photo of the bride and the groom, or their date of marriage. From dinner sets to a simple cup or a photo frame you can get everything personalized. You can also combine few things that the bride and groom like and make it like a hamper.

A wedding favor is like saying thank you with a gift. It is something that should reflect the style and liking of the couple. So, you should buy something unique and different. Usability is very important, if you give something that cannot be used by your guests then that would be a waste of money. So, try to buy something that they will use. As per the budget it’s your choice, but you need to decide that first then you can carry on with the shopping for Indian wedding favors.


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