Stunning Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair: In-depth Guide

Looking for some inspiration on how to stylize short hair for an Indian wedding?

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, there is a popular myth – the bride must have long wavy hair to look stylish in traditional Indian outfits.

No, you don’t need to have a voluminous black mane to match your wedding attire. If you know the trick, it’s easy to get the star diva look in the ethnic dress too.

With this in mind, I have handpicked the trending Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair. That’s not all, in this article you will also find some tips for short hairstyles. Make sure you read them all to add the wow factor to your hairdo during the entire wedding week.

Read this entire article to know about:

  • Latest Indian hairstyles for short hair
  • Bridal hair accessories to pair with short length hair
  • Expert tips to get the best look for all events

Trending Hairstyles for Short Hair Indian Bride 

We all see a lot of hairdo images on Pinterest and Instagram. That’s easy to do. But very few people know about these hairstyles, the length of hair you need for the particular pattern, and so on. The list below will give you all the details about such hairstyles. The following easy Indian hairstyles for short hair bestow a natural, clean, refreshing, and chic look to match your traditional apparel for every event.

Twisted Semi-Retro Side Sweep

Gone are the days of bulbous vintage hairstyles. You don’t want to put in the extra weight of faux bun balls and hair extensions. Do you?

With the reduced load, you can get the minor puffy curls sideways and a lowered chignon. All you needed for the ethnic look.

Fluffy Half Bun

Part ways with the idea of getting those outdated bulged buns. The half bun is the latest Dipika Padukone-inspired hairdo. It looks graceful with a few small stone-stud hairpins or with Jasmine.

Layered Side Part

Layers look awesome for short hair too. Go for this simple hairdo for any pre-wedding ceremony. I prefer this for the Haldi ceremony. You can even accessorize with flower maang tika to match your yellow costume. Don’t be repetitive though.

Crown Braid

Always thought you need long hair to get the crown braid. Fortunately, the shoulder-length hair will give you the desired look. The perfect suit for Mehendi function to keep your locks managed.

Wavy Miniature Braided Bun

The Bollywood hairstylists deserve all the accolades for this. Think of the braid and the long wavy mane that comes to your mind. With a series of thin braids running across, you can do this in several ways. They all run into a messy bun. Pair them with a bejeweled bridal hair accessory to magnify the impression for the Sangeet ceremony.

Flaccid Wavy Curls

Want to give a variation to your silky straight hair. Curl them up to twist towards the lower end. It is one of the best Indian wedding hairstyles for short thin hair.

Low Chignon Bun

Did you think chignon is for western brides?

As opposed to the popular myth, you can do a lot with this hairdo. Twist it a bit to form a messy soft bun. It looks gorgeous with a head chain accessory.

Charismatic Updos

There is no particular rule to get an updo hairstyle. In fact, this is something for short and thin hair. Herein are some variations you may try for various occasions depending on your attire, jewelry, function, and other aspects.

1. Low Center Updo

Wanna get the classical Indian look with a twist?

I have seen many stylists doing sided updo. The centered updo is a fresh idea to get innovative if you have not done this before. If you are wearing a net saree, try this with stone-stud pins…the fascinating hairstyle for Indian wedding party.

2. Messy Updo

The messed up fluffy updo adds an outsized appearance to your short hair. Pair it up with thin side braids ending up into the updo to pep up your look further.

3. Pinned Updo

This is one of my preferred hairstyles for Indian wedding reception. I personally recommend this one with an off-shoulder embellished gown or lehenga.

4. Side Bun Updo

Also called sided chignon or low side updo, this hairdo allows you to let the locks loosely tied on one side. However, this is not for the wedding event if you are wearing the dupatta (veil).

Glam Up with Hair Accessories 

You may have planned several hairdo patterns for the entire wedding week. Your stylist may be the best in town. But there is still something lacking. To get the chick look for your bridal hairstyle, just pair it with embellished hair accessories.

Need some ideas? Here you go.

Go all-Natural with Floral Grandiose

Flowers are the prime choice for traditional Indian wedding hairstyles. Modern Hindu weddings are not any different. The flower jewelry and matha patti have become a trend so you can get so many variations for every event. I have seen many brides wearing the golden marigold maang tika for the haldi rituals.

For other occasions such as the wedding evening, you may opt for red roses to match your outfit. Go for some subtle hues such as lavender and white flowers to compliment the hairstyles for Indian wedding reception.

Glittery Beaded/Jeweled Pins

When you are wearing a heavily embroidered outfit, it is sometimes good to go minimalist with the hair accessory. The small pearl and beaded hairpins are just right for that.

Stone-stud Side Pin

Keep it simple for the Sangeet ceremony. Just go with the side part for straightened short hair. The side pin with pearl and stonework can work wonders to grab the eyeballs.


Sometimes paired with the maang tika, it is available in several designs and layers. You can take a trial with multiple designs to see what matches your attire.


Not like the crown of an empress but this bridal jewelry grabs the eyeballs in the crowd. You will find them in gold, platinum, diamond studs…and so on. But I prefer something with some red gemstones or semi-precious stones to match the bridal dress.

Lakshmi Billai

Lakshmi Billai is a bridal hair accessory for South Indian brides. These are small embellished hairpieces put on the thick long braid. I have seen many brides using hair extensions to get the traditional braided South Indian wedding hairstyles for medium hair. All thanks to the professionals who made it look natural.

Layered Hair Accessories

Undoubtedly, this is one headpiece for the bride to flaunt a gorgeous look on the wedding day. If you are not too sure about the best pick, it is best to consult your hairstylist. You can even take a trial with the veil (mandatory to put on during the wedding procession). There are so many variations of layered hair accessories. You can wear a layered Matha Patti or even choose one to tie at the back of your hair.

Bejeweled Back Comb

Having comb-like pins, this headpiece bestows a dazzling makeover to your hair. Try it with a low updo or a messy lowered bun if you are wearing a saree or lehenga for the Sangeet ceremony.

Baby’s Breathe

This small bejeweled accessory, a kind of head wreath, bestows majestic beauty to your hair. The best part, no matter what hair length you have, they look just incredible on any type of hairdo pattern. Depending on the length and styling you can determine how many of them you need.

The Secret to Gorgeous Looking Hair on the Big Day

By now, you may have got some ideas to spice up your look with the elegant hairstyles. To make your hairdo a seamless experience, just follow the tips below to get ready with confidence for every occasion.

Make Your Style Statement

All the above suggestions do not mean that you have to copy them exactly. There is always room for experimenting with various hairstyles. And the options are endless.

I still remember my wedding ceremony. Since I had medium-length black hair with minor curls, I used to follow Vanesa Hudgens’ fashion statements. For the engagement photoshoot, I asked my stylist to do the wavy curls as she flaunted in High School Musical 2. The only variation, I used some pearl-stud pins to match my peach pink Indo-western gown.

Have a Trial Session with Your Stylist

Don’t wait for the ceremonies to start. Plan everything well in advance. Even your hairdresser may prefer to take trials with the outfits for each ceremony. It gives a fair idea of what looks awesome with the particular attire. This is especially vital for the occasions where you want to wear the chunari (veil) on your head. The hairdo depends on how much weight you may need to bear.

Trust me. The professional insights will help you to get the desired picture-perfect look for this lifetime mega event.

Consider the Occasion when Planning the Hairstyles

Though your stylist is there to guide you, yet there are certain things to take note of on your part as well. There will be many rituals during the entire ceremony- haldi, mehendi, sangeet…and all of it.

You don’t want to take out too many pins from the wet hair after the haldi customs. Keep it loose. Simple and hassle-free. Similarly, the flying locks should not disturb the eyes while your hands are stuck for applying mehendi…a time-consuming job.

Don’t Let Just Anyone do the Bridal Hairstyle

Unless someone has enough experience, handling this job is no child’s play. There will be a lot of guests looking at you, the photographer working hard to get the best shots, and so much more. If you take my word, take professional help. It’s truly worthy.

Pre-wedding Hair Care

Are you ready for the mission fairytale wedding hairstyles?

It all starts with the soft, glowing, healthy locks. Yes, your hair health matters. Your hairstylist is gonna apply gel, serum, chemical sprays, and even heated rollers to give you a majestic look for each occasion.

Take good care of your short hair to remain stress-free, protect the adorable locks from damage, and retain the natural sheen.

Before the lovely strands are exposed to harsh chemicals, give them all the care and nourishment they deserve. Ask your stylist about it. Work accordingly to avoid problems with your hair color (if you are using any), softness, and shine. You may need a haircut if the locks haven’t got the right shapes.

Minimalist is the Emerging Trend

Gone are the days of using faux extensions to make a voluminous bun. You don’t need to do that. There are plenty of Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair to get an elegant exceptional look for every event.

Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search and you will get my point.

Wrap Up,

Are you still nervous about the short hair?

Trust me, you will be the queen and attention-grabber throughout the wedding ceremony. The above ideas are going to help you throughout. Leave the rest for your stylist, who can do the best for you. You can experiment with various looks to get the wow factor for every event.

So, shun the stress, be confident, and enjoy your wedding. That’s it.

Happy Wedding!


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