Looking for Some Ideas for That Perfect Indian Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts have a special meaning to it, and Indian wedding gifts are something that reflects the rich cultural heritage. In India it’s said that it’s not the gift that matters it’s the intention and feeling of the giver that matters.  A wedding gift can be received as wedding favor and given as gift.

From simple bouquet of flowers to gold and diamond jewelry you can give anything that suites your taste and budget. Different guests give different types of gifts, like the blood relatives usually give jewelry as a wedding gift for the brides and for the groom it can be anything expensive. Silver is something that most of the distant relatives prefer to give it can be anything like silver coin, lamps to silver plates and idols of gods. Close relatives mostly prefer to give gold jewelry instead of silver.

Popular Indian Wedding Gifts

Some of the most popular traditional Indian wedding gifts are coins made out of precious metals like gold and silver. There are 10 gram coins as well as 100 gram coins and one can engrave the bride and grooms name or date of the wedding, making it a personalized wedding gift. Traditionally it was the idol of gods and goddesses printed on to the coin.

For the budget minded, when it comes to buying Indian wedding gifts for bride, a popular choice is cloths. Traditionally it used to be sari that was gifted but now a day’s people give all kinds of cloths, something the bride loves and can be worn after the marriage.

Other popular wedding gifts are couples watches. You will not have to worry that you just gifted something to the groom and not to the bride. A couple’s watch is perfect during such a dilemma. Perfumes are good wedding gifts too, if you know the taste of the couple then you can gift them perfumes too.

If you are looking for traditional Indian wedding gifts then you can get show pieces that represent Indian culture. It will be something that will remind the couple about Indian tradition and you. Show pieces can be anything from miniature versions of famous Indian monuments to tribal handicrafts.

Simplifying The Job of Selecting The Best Indian Wedding Gifts

Nowadays, most couples sign up for the Gift Registry at popular bog box stores, like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor. In such a case your work is reduced even more, as all you have to do is select and buy the gifts from the list that the couples have already selected. So, take advantage of the gift registry for the best Indian wedding gifts for the newlyweds.


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