Top Honeymoon Destinations in 2021

Luckily for you, the wedding day is not where the fun ends. Over 1.4 million American couples get to enjoy a honeymoon trip each year. After the chaos of planning a wedding and the build up of nerves before the big day, many couples need some time away to relax and celebrate the start of their lives together. The average honeymoon lasts eight days, and costs nearly $5,000. So where are honeymooners choosing to escape to? In this article we will show you some of the most popular honeymoon destinations of the year. Travel in style and don’t forget to send custom greeting cards to your family and friends so they can hear what a wonderful trip you are having. So get ready to pack those bags, here are the Top Honeymoon Destinations in 2012.

The Isle of Crete, Greece

The Isle of Crete is the perfect escape for those couples who are looking for some sun and sand. Crete is one of the largest Greek islands and offers a variety of different daytime activities, beaches, hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Crete is often described as having four distinct regions, differing dramatically, from jungles to the beach front. Crete’s diverse regions mean any couple can find their perfect vacation on the island. If you enjoy historical activities, consider planning day trips to ancient historical sites, such as The Palace of Knossos. The Palace of Knossos was built in the 15th century by ancient inhabitants of Crete as a palace for their kings, and also a tribute to the mythical creature, the Minotaur of King Minos. If leisure is more your style, than you will enjoy lounging on the white sandy beaches of Crete’s shoreline, which offer thousands of miles of crystal blue water. You may also enjoy Crete’s thriving shopping city, Agios Nikolaos, which features streets lined with luxury boutiques. No matter where your interests lie, you and your significant other are bound to find the dream vacation you are looking on the Isle of Crete.

Martinique, France

Do you love the beautiful French culture found in Paris, but wish you could avoid the hundreds of thousands of tourists that flock to France’s capitol each year? If so, than Martinique is the perfect destination for you. The French island embodies the rich, luxurious culture of France but also combines a mix of spicy Creole culture in the mix. Martinique has thousands of untouched, stunning landscapes and pristine beaches. Border by the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern coast and the Pacific Ocean on the western coast. The official language of Martinique is French, and many popular traditions and culture still remain from the mainland of France but the popular Creole culture and people have morphed the traditional French culture into their own blend of Caribbean lifestyle. If you are looking for some informational fun, check out one of the many monuments and historial sites on the island, such as the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, or if you are looking to grab some fresh air enjoy the stunning Balata Gardens.

Banff Town, Alberta Canada

If you are truly looking to relax in luxury then consider heading up north to the quaint skiing village of Banff in the Canadian Rockies. This charming town is reminiscent of Switzerland with its many chalets and ski resorts. If you visit Banff during the Winter months you will find some of the best skiing North America has to offer. If you travel to Banff when there is no snow, you will find endless amounts of hiking trails and mountainside expeditions. Banff is also known for its upscale boutique shopping and five star restaurants. Enjoy the romantic setting as you and your loved one curl up next to the fire in your log cabin, or head into town for a fun night out amongst Banff’s active nightlife. The main town area in Banff offers a wide variety of nightclubs and bars with live music and entertainment. Take a trip up one of the many ski lifts of the Banff Gondola, which rises 7,500 feet into the air, to see the mesmerizing Banff landscape and views of the nearby Bow Rive Valley.

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos has been the destination of choice for many celebrities and individuals seeking the ultimate luxurious getaway. Turks & Caicos caters to an affluent clientele and aims to make you feel like royalty the moment you arrive on the island. While Turks & Caicos has many upscale, all-inclusive resorts, it is also the least developed island in the Caribbean allowing the island to retain its natural beauty and creating an intimate, romantic setting for you and your partner. If you and your loved one are looking to relax, consider a day at one of Turks & Caicos indulgent spas. These spas import ingredients and minerals from all over the world to provide some of the most healing spa treatments in the world. Afterwards, enjoy a night out at one of the island’s splendid restaurants, which feature some of the best seafood in the Caribbean. If you like to stay active, jump into the ocean for some amazing scuba diving and snorkeling experiences. Turks & Caicos is home to over 5,000 different species of fish and aquatic animals, which makes for unforgettable views.

Madrid, Spain

If you are looking to experience a completely different way of life, consider having your honeymoon in Madrid, Spain. Take a leap of faith and live life like the Spaniards do, staying up all night dancing and eating, and enjoying afternoon siestas in one of Madrid’s enormous natural parks. Learn a new dance move, and try out some Flamenco at one of Madrid’s hottest clubs or visit one of Madrid’s three world famous art museums, Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza or the Queen Sofia Arts Center. If your loved one is a sports enthusiast they will love visiting Bernabeu Stadium, the town’s football stadium and home of world-famous football team Real Madrid.

With so many luxurious honeymoon options available you will wish you could go on your honeymoon again and again. Visit one of these top five honeymoon destinations for 2012 and you and your partner are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time no matter what you do.


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